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Let Me Lie

Although the title of today’s post indicates one thing, I am not here to make up any stories or anything. A Monday morning after a weekend get-away, most would agree, is pretty tough to plow through. Today is a little different for me, though. I am rejuvenated and filled with a large amount of dense motivation.

My sister hosted me for two nights in her new apartment in New York City. It’s funny to think she’s just graduated from Florida State and within just a few months, now claims residency in one, if not the most spectacular cities in the world. In just 2 days I saw 2 of my favorite performers in 2 very unique venues, ate what was probably the best slices of pizza I’ve had in my life, met up with great old friends and really took in my NYC surroundings.

After a somewhat stressful tail end to the week, my flight out of Atlanta was delayed…of course. When I finally arrived at LGA, I was greeted by a welcoming 30 minute yellow cab queue. The good news was that the D, Benny and Roor were patiently awaiting my arrival in her cozy Stuy-town apartment. We took the both literal and figurative ltrain into Brooklyn for the Tiny Universe at the Brooklyn Bowl. For starters, this Brooklyn Bowl is a remarkable venue. Run by some of the most profound figures in the music industry, this place boasts 16 lanes, a sick stage, sick lights, sick sound and beer lines that run directly underground straight to the Brooklyn Brewery. Can it get any better? Not until YaMarc shows up with this shit-eating grin. Needless to say, things took a turn for the much better….


Fast forward a few hours…shows over, Daliah/Marc/Ariel hop in some cab back to the apartment to pick up the dog. We somehow made it a few blocks to enjoy Artichoke, New York pizza that seems to have been dipped into a bucket of a spinach/artichoke dip. De-li-cious.


Saturday was cloudy and misty. We took a stroll through Manhattan to see the NYU campus and to take in some of the City. Although the gloom weighed heavily in the surrounding atmosphere, deep down inside I knew I was about to witness a very unique musical experience. As a young boy, one dreams the wildest dreams. And why not? To make a long story short. The Trey Anastasio/NY Philharmonic performance was absolutely breathtaking. From the opening “1st Tube” through the very last note in “If I Could”, you could tell that Trey was/is absolutely 100% committed to keeping his head on straight. The energy inside Carnegie is something never before witnessed by the performers of the Philharmonic (not to mention the “lot scene” outside of the world renowned symphony hall – read here for more).

All in all, I’m very thankful for the passions in my life. My sister is amazing. She has an extremely strong soul and truly, truly lives her dreams. I am thankful for my passion in music – for being able to appreciate one extreme vs. the next. I am very thankful and passionate for my beautiful girlfriend who has stood by my side since October 2004. I am very thankful for my family and friends – worldwide – for keeping me on my toes. The words “let me lie” are not part of our vocabulary. We say what we think and we stand by what we say.

“Gonna take my bike out/gonna take my bike/gonna ride it slowly/gonna ride just how I like.” And this is how I ride…