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Atlanta…under water

The National Weather Service just announced that Atlanta has received almost 20 inches of rain since Friday with more to come. Here are some interesting facts about rain…

1. There is a famous Korean singer named Rain.


2. Dreaming about rain denotes that you shall enjoy all pleasures in your life and prosperity shall come to you.

3. “Rain” has been performed by the String Cheese Incident 25 times since it was first-time played opening for RatDog at the Greek in Los Angeles in 2006.

4. Does 20 inches of rain fill a 60 gallon barrel?

Assuming the barrel is circular and the diameter of the opening is 30 inches
Therefore radius = 1/2 * 30 inches = 15 inches
Pi * (15in)^squared = 706.86 sq inch surface
1 gallon = 231 cubic inches
60 gallons = 13860 cubic inches
13860 cubic inches / 706.86 sq inches = 19.61 inches

19.61 inches is the total depth required to contain 60 gallons if the diameter of the container is 30 inches.

5. There are a lot of songs written about rain.

6. Dustin Hoffman played Raymond Babbitt in 1988’s the Rain Man.


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